Add Variety to Breakfast with Granola

By Robyn Priebe

Homemade Breakfast Granola with Rolled Grains If you are looking for a way to add variety to your breakfast, granola can be a great vehicle for incorporating a wide variety of grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits into your morning meal. Traditional granola is made with oats, but you can substitute many different rolled/flaked grains. Great Granola Recipe (Makes 12 ¼-cup […] Read more »

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Food Preferences – Why So Different?

By Robyn Priebe

Generally people believe puppies and bunnies are cute and snakes and spiders are creepy.  Sunsets are beautiful but drop-crotch skinny jeans are an abomination.  How is it that visually, some preferences can be so similar for so many people, yet the sense of taste is so varied?  How can one person can list broccoli as their favorite vegetable and another won’t touch […] Read more »


Mix it Up – Variety with Exercise

By Robyn Priebe

This year has been a physically challenging one for me. I’ve suffered 2 broken bones and a knee injury, but something positive came out of the experience. I was forced to do things outside of my normal routine in order to work around the injury. Mainly the knee injury has been the most frustrating since it’s prevented me from my […] Read more »

Variety or Repetition, Which is Best?

By Robyn Priebe

Last week someone asked me if she should try to branch out with new breakfast ideas or keep eating the same breakfast every morning because she knew it worked for her.  My response was “both.”  When it come to feeding ourselves well for health, energy, weight loss, etc.. we may find that through the practice of mindful eating, you eventually […] Read more »