‘Valentine’s Day’

Mindfully Eating Chocolate: You Can Do It!

By Marsha Hudnall

This is a version of a post I first put up over on We Are the Real Deal, a blog that is winning all kinds of awards for its great work in helping women and girls cultivate self-esteem, positive body image, and healthy coping. We’re proud to be a part of it with monthly posts that add to the blog’s […] Read more »


50% off Valentine’s Day Candy

By Robyn Priebe

Ah, the day after Valentine’s Day…. if you are hitting the stores today prepare for some food exposure via bins and end-caps full of cheap candy leftover from the holiday.  As great as that deal looks, it’remember that just because it’s a good price, it doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.  Often the candy from holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, or Halloween is inferior to […] Read more »

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Will You Have the Chocolate?

By Marsha Hudnall

It’s Valentine’s Day! For weight worriers the world over, it’s a day that’s both anticipated and dreaded. Do either of these statements describe your feelings about this day of chocolate celebration? “It’s Valentine’s Day. That means I can have chocolate!” “It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m going to have to be extra strong today to avoid eating chocolate.” I asked a few […] Read more »

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