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Diabetes: Curvy Women More Protected Against Type 2 Diabetes Risk

By Laura Brooks on 01/16/2009

Got curves? Well, a new study (performed on mice) from Harvard Medical School suggests that 'pear-shaped' bodies, i.e., those of us with a little extra padding on the hips and buttocks, may be less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than 'apples' (people who tend to have extra fat around the middle). Not all fat is bad, relates Dr Ronald Kahn, […] Read more »

Diabetes: Get in the K.N.O.W. with Randy Jackson

By Laura Brooks on 10/06/2008

Get in the K.N.O.W.!  Randy Jackson, TV personality and well-known figure in the music industry, will be airing a diabetes webcast on October 14th at 1 p.m. (EST).  Joining him is Daniel Jones, M.D., from the American Heart Association.  Together, they hope to bring more awareness about the disease to the public through the Heart of Diabetes campaign. The webcast […] Read more »

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