Ordering From Life’s Menu

Last week, my sister and I stopped at an adorable roadside stand in Connecticut called Harry’s Place. I’d driven past it a few times and always thought it deserved a stop. Looking at the menu, I could see that burgers were their claim to fame — fresh and dripping with juice just like mom used […]

Travel Tip: Strength Train on the Road

I’m a frequent traveler, but I’ve never been great about working out while I’m on the road. I think the bottom line is getting into a routine and making it easy for yourself. If the hotel doesn’t have a gym or you just don’t have time to get out there and go for a run, […]

Vermont’s Sugar Season

Down the road from Green Mountain at Fox Run, right at the four-way stop and over a bridge — that’s where Orville Woods makes maple syrup. He sells it by word of mouth. We drove there last night, getting lost along the way. The stars were bright and the moon shone in the metal pails […]