Inspired by Deflate-Gate: How To Deflate Shame

Speaking of deflate-gate…how ‘bout we take a PSI or two out of shame. Ok, sorry for the NFL reference. This is not about football – the game or the ball; it’s not about cheating or lying or lying about cheating. Nor will I divulge whether or not, as a long time New Englander, I’m a […]

Healthy Weight Week: 5 Ways to Move Past Body Hatred

We couldn’t have a Healthy Weight Week without discussing body image. We hope you’ll find our approach of Body Neutrality℠ helpful. Body weight obsession is a national pastime in this country – especially for females. As a result body-bashing – toward others and toward ourselves – can often become the lens from which self-worth is measured. Not […]

A Young Women’s Emotional Eating and Healthy Weight Retreat

[quote]“I need to lose weight fast. I don’t feel acceptable at this size.” “I keep sabotaging myself with food and I don’t know why.” “Food is my go-to when I feel lonely, stressed, overwhelmed. It’s how I get through school – and life – right now.” “I feel caught in a cycle of overeating and […]

Lost and Found – My Fitness Soul

Where am I? Where is the rest of the team? Do they know I’m not with them? Oh, God, what am I even doing out here? These were some of the thoughts running through my mind as I attempted to run down the streets in the neighborhood behind my high school.  I’d always wanted to […]

Energy Makers, Fakers and Takers

Are you the giver in many of the relationships you are in? Do you often find yourself thinking, “They really never have time to listen to me or I don’t believe that I am worthy of them listening to me.” Do you find yourself giving to others to the point of depletion? Is food the […]

Adding to Your Support Team Roster

If you are attempting to change old habits and adopt new healthier patterns, social support is an essential piece of any self-improvement plan. Asking for help and support from others around us can aid in our ability to create healthy habits. And, not just asking for support – but also describing what support looks like […]

Is Obesity Contagious?

According to a recent study reported in USA Today, the more obese friends we have, the more likely we are to be obese ourselves.  It’s the second study confirming that finding from Harvard researchers who say their studies suggest that obesity spreads through social networks. There are so many things I want to sigh at […]

Asking for Support: A Letter to Your Loved Ones

Over 30 years ago we wrote a “letter to home” to help our participants once they went back into the real world that was all about calorie restriction, pounds lost and well-intentioned but generally problematic monitoring of what we eat by others.  After their stay with us learning how to listen to their body’s cues […]

It Takes a Village

This is the time of year when many of us rush off to the doctor in hopes of taking advantage of our flex pay, HSA savings, or miracle of miracles —  exceeding our deductible. In the mad rush to get a physical, a mammogram, your teeth cleaned or new contacts, it becomes apparent how important it […]

In Quest for Health, Self-Acceptance Comes First

Today’s post comes from Karen C.L. Anderson, who we met on Twitter. We started reading her blog (Why Weight: One Woman’s Journey From Struggle To Acceptance) and thought she was doing great work on self acceptance. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who think so — she’s currently writing a book with the same title. […]

Dealing with Depression and Eating

Depression is an illness that affects a lot of women who struggle with weight. Our friend Beverly shares with us her struggles, and we hope her experience and her insight into the need to get professional help will encourage others who struggle with depression to take similar action. Depression is a killer. It also makes […]