Escaping Stress – I Dare You!

By Cindy Bishop

Yeah, I’m stressed out. Who isn’t? I’m stressed about my weight, my workouts (or the lack thereof), deadlines (some self-imposed, others not), getting this post up by 9 a.m. (failed), and any one of a number of other things. Right now, I feel the physical tension building in my shoulders, a low-grade headache beginning and a growl in my stomach that says, I […] Read more »


Survey Shows Weight Rivals the Economy as Source of Stress

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

In 2009, polls showed that 80 percent of Americans were stressed out about the economy. It was a tough time and it’s a wonder anyone would be able to think about anything else. But, apparently,they did. They still worried whether they look fat in their jeans. In a survey conducted by Green Mountain at Fox Run at the same time, a full 60 percent […] Read more »