Change Your Approach to Stress by Reframing Your Thoughts

If you are feeling stressed these days, you’re  not  alone. Research as recent as October of 2015, reported the leading causes of stress among Americans to be job pressure, money, health, relationships, poor nutrition, media overload, and sleep deprivation. That about covers the entire day from sunrise to sunset, nearly every day, for many Americans. […]

Rekindle Your Romance with the Sparks of Self-Compassion

Yes, that’s what I said. Want to rekindle that spark of romance in your relationship? Well, try a little self-compassion. Want to be a better lover? Well, try a little self-compassion.

Stress = Emotional Eating: The All-Too-Common Equation

Perhaps the most common struggle we hear among the women who come to Green Mountain at Fox Run is emotional eating.

3 Strategies to Self-Soothe & Stop Eating When You’re Stressed

Often we go through our day-to-day lives tripping and stumbling through daily stressors, trials and tribulations. If we’re someone who worries about our weight, this can send us straight to food. And that only complicates things. So how can we help ourselves? Turning off the Auto-Pilot Response to Stress Perhaps if we took just one moment (or […]

Need Relaxation Techniques? Try Nothing

Whether stress, anger, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed is the trigger, many of us probably have tried relaxation techniques in the past to help manage our response to these emotional triggers. From mindfulness practices to meditation to deep breathing, we may have tried it all, but I’d like to recommend you try doing NOTHING. Just rest. […]

Do You Have the Healing Touch?

When stress goes up, self care goes down. One way to implement self-care and self soothe (instead of stress eat) in stressful times is through healing touch. Touch can help you to calm, reduce your heart rate and decrease anxiety. As our world gets consumed by iPhones, social media, texting and e-mailing, it’s not uncommon […]

Insomnia and Women

Maybe it’s because I’m around women all day long, but it seems to me that women struggle with insomnia more than men do.   No doubt for many women menopause plays a role and as I’m starting to struggle with sleeping problems I wonder if that’s something I need to take a closer look at.  Knowing […]

Pondering Emotional Eating

Last week in one of our brainstorming sessions I got the question, “what do you do with long-term emotional triggers that send you to food.”  During the week many discussions were had regarding short-term coping mechanisms for dealing with emotions that lead us to eat.  Her question seemed to imply that most triggers to eat are occasional and unexpected, […]

Escaping Stress – I Dare You!

Yeah, I’m stressed out. Who isn’t? I’m stressed about my weight, my workouts (or the lack thereof), deadlines (some self-imposed, others not), getting this post up by 9 a.m. (failed), and any one of a number of other things. Right now, I feel the physical tension building in my shoulders, a low-grade headache beginning and a growl in […]

Survey Shows Weight Rivals the Economy as Source of Stress

In 2009, polls showed that 80 percent of Americans were stressed out about the economy. It was a tough time and it’s a wonder anyone would be able to think about anything else. But, apparently,they did. They still worried whether they look fat in their jeans. In a survey conducted by Green Mountain at Fox Run at the same […]