Need Relaxation Techniques? Try Nothing

Whether stress, anger, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed is the trigger, many of us probably have tried relaxation techniques in the past to help manage our response to these emotional triggers. From mindfulness practices to meditation to deep breathing, we may have tried it all, but I’d like to recommend you try doing NOTHING. Just rest. […]

4 Ways to Self Soothe Instead of Stress Eat

When we are stressed, self soothing with food is often the  go-to strategy.  And it works and it is part of normal eating.  But when we move into stress eating, it can become a way to numb out rather than soothe. Music can offer the magic of self soothing without stress eating. It is easily […]

Organization for Stress Managment

After being out of my office for a couple weeks, today was the first moment I was back in for a couple “office hours.”  Despite the fact that my to-do list is a mile long, my top priority was getting my train-wreck of an office a little more organized before I dove head first into […]