Emotional Eating: Questions to Ask When The Urge Hits

When you are looking for help to stop emotional eating, realize you can respond to upset or distress by mindlessly eating.  Or the eating can become habituated without you realizing it. If you find yourself sitting in your favorite chair with the remote and you are prompted to get the food, hungry or not, it’s […]

Emotional Eating: Understanding Feelings

Emotional eating is a way to disconnect from our feelings.  Very often it isn’t a specific feeling we are afraid of, but just afraid to feel any feeling. Here at Green Mountain at Fox Run, our women’s healthy weight retreat, we know that women often don’t know where to begin to understand the feelings that […]

Compassionate listening-a gift to yourself and others

Compassion for those around us and for ourselves can  decrease stress during the holidays. At Green Mountain at Fox Run,  our healthy weight loss retreat in Vermont, we have been talking about how self compassion can decrease depression and negative self talk and increase communication in relationships. Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D. wrote an article on her blog […]

Random Acts of Kindness to Yourself

Now I am not saying you should ignore acts of kindness to others, but hey, what about yourself? Let’s use this week of Thanksgiving to give ourselves a little kindness.  Kindness in an unexpected, random way will feel like a surprise to your inner child and help you add balance to your life during the […]

It Happened This Week: Superstars, the Cockroach Effect, & We’re Back!

We’re back on WordPress and life is good.  Well, sorta.  We’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do of “stuff” that occurred during the transfer, but we’re definitely headed in the right direction. Speaking of headed in the right direction, here are some great things we’ve seen come across the web this week that […]

Feeling Fat? Visualize Your Way To Healthy Thinking

Visualization is a powerful tool to make change happen.  Many women have a picture in their mind of how they want their body to look.  This picture almost always includes weight loss. Their self talk is critcal, demoralizing and can include self hate.   “If only I could  think myself thin rather than obsessing about food […]

Binge Eating On Friday Night: At Least I Am Not Alone

In discussions with women who come to Vermont’s Green Mountain at Fox Run, I frequently hear stories about the out-of-control urge binge eaters sometimes have to prepare for binges as the end of the week approaches. The excitement, the planning, the shopping around for just the right foods.  And then wishing they weren’t dealing with  […]

Singing at the top of your lungs

The songbirds woke me up this morning.  Oh, what a sweet sound. Having a funky day? Feeling blue, down and depressed? Singing can change your emotional state.  For some people it is easier to break into song than it is to create positive self talk.   Even if you don’t like your voice or are […]

Burnt Out? Is It Possible To Recharge?

You probably have already learned what can happen when you unselfishly take on everything that comes your way and keep doing for all those around you. It’s called “burnout.” Burnout happens when there’s a lack of reciprocity. All giving, no receiving. Burnout can lead us  to use food to fill ourselves up and cope with […]

Why! Why! Don’t I Ever Lose Weight?

Stress over weight worries seem to accumulate into more stress, like a snowball rolling down a hill. An increase in stress can frequently turn into ‘WHY’ questions: Why have I gained so much weight in the last month? Why did she ask me to do that? Why do I feel like I should just do […]

Is Ruthless Competence Inviting Out Of Control Eating?

Could you be adding to your stress by trying to be all things to all people all the time? “Ruthless competence” is a term I learned (because I needed to know it for myself!) in a class I took many years ago. Ruthless competence is you doing, doing, doing because you’re competent and you think […]

Ideas for Managing Emotional Eating, Part 1: Stress Eating

To Control Stress, Take Time to Control Your Thoughts

Another post today from Darla Breckenridge, Green Mountain's "Stress Management Strategy Lady." Yes. Stress happens. Mostly on the stage between your ears. Listening in on those mighty conversations you have with yourself can offer important information for managing stress. Our interpretation of events leads to our actions and emotional reactions.   Some people get stressed […]

From Bathroom to Affirmation Room: Two Birds with One Stone!

Here's another post from Darla Breckenridge, our psychologist-masters at Green Mountain.  It gives you a peek at her sense of humor…as well as how she can zero in on ways to fit stress management into the most basic parts of our day. A spot you frequently use is waiting to help you remember to breathe […]

Managing Stress: Discover Your Ambivalences

Today's post is another by our psychologist-masters Darla Breckenridge, who has been with us only a few months but has already been named "The Strategy Lady" by the women who come to Green Mountain.  She also teaches our stress management classes.  It's a dynamite combination. Sometimes the most difficult stress to deal with is created […]

It Happened This Week: Spicy Weekends with Yoga

Nope, this post isn’t about new and exciting things to do with yoga poses.  The title’s just a clear ploy to get you to read more.  But it does have some interesting bits of news that tie those words together to give us some good info for protecting our health. It all has to do […]

It Happened This Week: Taking Time for Ourselves

I’m going to practice what I preach today and put myself first.  I’ve got too many meetings going on — and my daughter is home for the first time in a year.   So I’m not going to spend time putting together our usual Friday review of notable reads on the web. Instead, I’ll just encourage […]

Emotional Eating: Asking The Scary Questions

Emotional eating is a hard habit to examine and change.  Many of us who struggle with it have developed the behavior for just that reason: we don’t want to examine anything.  We do it to cope with things we don’t want to think or feel.  Coping with the ‘real problems’ in our lives sometimes seems too […]