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Fitness Friday: Upper Body Strength Training without Equipment Video

By Lisa Christie

At Green Mountain at Fox Run, we teach strength training classes using a variety of equipment: Fitballs®, free and machine weights, Spri-tubes®, and Dynabands®. But what if you don’t have equipment – can you still strength train? The answer is absolutely. Green Mountain fitness specialist Kate Nolte, who previously taught classes on the beach in Mexico, had to become creative […] Read more »

Fitness Friday: Rear Leg Lifts

By Lisa Christie

One of the most popular exercises for toning and strengthening the glutes are rear leg lifts. They can be done in the prone position or in a four-point position. If you choose the four-point position, it’s especially important to make sure your back is protected. After all, what good is strengthening your rear only to hurt your back in the process? To […] Read more »

Metabolism Myths, or Going Beyond Calories

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Over the last several months, I’ve been regularly writing articles for Spry Living and am pleased to feature some of them here on A Weight Lifted. Today’s post on metabolism was written in response to a request from Spry Living to write about “surprising metabolism saboteurs.” I frankly had a hard time coming up with any. Here are a few […] Read more »

Dusting off the Exercise Equipment

By Robyn Priebe

This weekend called for some Spring cleaning at my house.  One room I tackled was our home exercise room.  I must admit it didn't get much use this Winter since once I started exercising outdoors last year, I can no longer bring myself to use my treadmill.  Previously I adored it, but once you get a taste of outdoor running, it's […] Read more »

Mrs. Obama’s Right to Bare Arms

By Emily

Allow me to enter the culture wars for a moment. What’s the deal with Michelle Obama’s arms? I have no problem with her arms, which are lovely and strong, but rather the public’s reaction to them. Her bare shoulders and curved biceps have the entire country asking: How toned is too toned for women? Let’s put aside that this wouldn’t […] Read more »