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Fitness Friday: Get Real with Your Fitness Goals

By Lisa Christie on 06/21/2013

I’m a classic all-or-nothing thinker. In spite of being a Green Mountain alum and staff member, I find myself thinking this way if I don’t watch out. Usually it manifests itself with my fitness goals. If I can’t be kicking butt in Zumba (doing the more advanced routines) or hiking a good-sized mountain, I sometimes feel that it isn’t worth […] Read more »

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Self Monitoring for Better Health

By Robyn Priebe on 12/08/2010

At our healthy weight loss retreat in the (currently snowy) town of Ludlow, we discuss self monitoring often. In a nutshell, self monitoring is periodically taking stock of where you are at with a behavior or habit. For example, I track all of my physical activity on a calendar and if a block of days roll by where I have […] Read more »

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