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Night Time Eating – Is it Spiritual Hunger?

By Robyn Priebe on 02/23/2011

Struggling with night time eating is common. It could be due to an emotional trigger like stress or boredom. We could eat at night out of habit, especially when it’s paired with a night time routine like TV viewing. However, one reason we may reach for food at night is in response to Spiritual Hunger. Most people are familiar with […] Read more »

Winding Down, Without Food

By Robyn Priebe on 03/03/2010

Finish all tasks on daily to do list – check.  Wrap up a hectic work day – check.  Pick up around the house – check.  Deal with kids, bills, making dinner, pets, etc….  – check.  Now it’s “me time” and it’s going to be me and food.  How often do we go to food to wind down or relax? One […] Read more »

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