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Sweet Dreams: Making Sleep Work for You

By Darla Breckenridge

Sleep disruption plagues many women who attend Green Mountain – whether from age, stress, menopause (hot flashes) or side effects from a medication. Just as stress is created when we don’t get food predictably (dieting), and then we binge as a result of the fear of real or perceived restriction – so can chaotic and unpredictable sleep create anxiety and […] Read more »

making sleep work for you

Insomnia and Women

By Robyn Priebe

Maybe it’s because I’m around women all day long, but it seems to me that women struggle with insomnia more than men do.   No doubt for many women menopause plays a role and as I’m starting to struggle with sleeping problems I wonder if that’s something I need to take a closer look at.  Knowing that sleep deprivation revs up […] Read more »

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