Moving without Exercising

This past weekend I spent at least 5 hours in my garden shoveling and raking.  I would have kept going since I love it so much, but at a certain point in the evening you’ve just got to go inside.  I was rewarded with sore muscles all over my ribs, one of those areas were […]

Burnt Out? Is It Possible To Recharge?

You probably have already learned what can happen when you unselfishly take on everything that comes your way and keep doing for all those around you. It’s called “burnout.” Burnout happens when there’s a lack of reciprocity. All giving, no receiving. Burnout can lead us  to use food to fill ourselves up and cope with […]

Do Your Own Needs End Up at the Bottom of Your To Do List?

In my #gmKISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) strategy class today at Green Mountain at Fox Run we talked about Stepping into Selfness. Now selfness is something I have written about before. It means counting your own needs as you count others’ needs even when you are feeling fat or unmotivated to exercise. And really, the […]

Support Healthy Self Talk & Choice with Your Enough-O-Meter: A Green Mountain KISS

e-nough: adj. Sufficient to meet a need or satisfy a desire. Oh, all those after-the-holiday sales. They kind of make you forget that you really don’t need the stuff of fantastic bargains. At some point you reach the decision point that enough is enough. How do you make that decision? Likely it will not be […]

Self Monitoring for Better Health

At our healthy weight loss retreat in the (currently snowy) town of Ludlow, we discuss self monitoring often. In a nutshell, self monitoring is periodically taking stock of where you are at with a behavior or habit. For example, I track all of my physical activity on a calendar and if a block of days […]

Monitoring Mindful Eating

  A few weeks ago we had a request on Green Mountain at Fox Run's Facebook page to share one of our self-monitoring tools focused on encouraging the practice of mindful eating.  One definition I found of self monitoring is: keeping track of how one is doing relative to one's purpose.  I like to describe self-monitoring as periodically […]