Do Something Different, Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine’s Day is quite popularly known as a day of binging, not necessarily on food, but on feelings (although a fair amount of chocolate is famously involved). For single ladies, which I have been many years in a row, sometimes the feelings can lead to the hunt for a food outlet, and for those of […]

It Happened This Week: Loving Veggies, Self-Love, and Vermont Covered Bridges

Just in time for summer bounty, Rebecca Scritchfield, RD, tells us how to fall in love with veggies. One of my favorite tweets of the week from Marc David @psych_of_eating: “Nutrition facts are like #food. Choose wisely, ruminate over it slowly, & check to see that it’s fresh & not outdated.”  Read more here. Did […]

Sitting Out The Summer — A Diet From Fun?

When Body Image Makes Your Summer A Bummer It’s ironic that so many of us yearn for Old Man Winter to take a hike, only to trade in some low-grade depression after deciding to sit out another summer because of how we feel about our bodies. There’s no bigger bummer than sitting in your house all summer long because […]