‘self esteem and weight loss’

Changing Negative Thinking: The Thought Stopping Technique

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Negative thoughts about ourselves are a plague among weight-worried women.  "You look awful stuffed into those jeans."  "You're really hopeless, you know." "You should have just stayed home." Rather than being just in-the-moment downers, these kinds of thoughts have much more impact than we might think.  If we engage in them long enough, they begin to decrease our self esteem […] Read more »

Plus-Sized Clothing With Flair

By Emily

The plus-sized clothing company Igigi contacted us recently and asked if we’d consider reviewing their clothing. So we called upon our friend Megan Loughmiller. A recent grad starting a new job, she needed to to find stylish yet practical clothing to add to her professional wardrobe. The company sent her one item of her choice from igigi.com, which carries sizes […] Read more »