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Don’t Want to Exercise? Is Pink Luggage the Answer?

By Jill Carlson on 07/19/2013

Summer break for me started three weeks ago. Every morning I would get up at 8:30, eat breakfast and attend a 9:15 exercise class. My friend, also on break, marveled at my ability to get up at a decent hour and be out the door by 9:00. She said, “How do you do it? Do you just find an exercise […] Read more »

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Self Care with Body Watch

By Darla Breckenridge on 10/03/2011

September was the month of Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Weight Stigma Awareness.  As we think about our bodies it is often in deprecating ways  loaded with body hate and a deep desire to be different than we are.  We telescope our vision down to each bit of our bodies that we deem as wrong or bad. So I was thinking, hmmm… what if […] Read more »


Discouraged About Weight Loss: Increase Self Care

By Darla Breckenridge on 06/03/2011

Once you get discouraged about weight loss, you increase negative self talk about your body, feel out of control around your eating and start shutting down. In last week’s blog we talked about how to increase self-care. Here is a fun, effective technique for the 911 situations which may lead to shut down make unhealthy  choices and keep you in […] Read more »

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