Feeling Fat, Assuming the Worst, and Mirth

The book Why Our Brains Make Us Laugh written by Hurley,Dennett and Adams was recently reviewed in the Boston Globe by Chris Berdik and prompted me to think about the assumptions we make constantly…about what’s wrong with us and what derogatory thing someone else is thinking about us. We say to ourselves: Weight loss, I […]

7 Ways to Fight Depression during the Holidays

The last of a series of posts I wrote for another blog, this one is particularly apropos for the coming season. I had a dream the other night that was more a nightmare.  It was Ambien-induced; taking the sleep aid is not my usual habit but it was an easy way out.  Or so I […]

How Well Has Not Liking Yourself Worked So Far?

Today’s post is another from a blog I wrote for a couple of years ago.  It addresses the subject of size acceptance, and it’s a subject that confounds many of our best efforts.  I often ask women to imagine that after successfully putting a healthy lifestyle in place, they found their weight remained the same. […]

The Binge Storm

I regularly teach a series of classes on binging at Green Mountain, and I talk a lot about before, during and after the binge. Given what we’re going through here in Vermont, I find similarities with “before, during and after the hurricane.” As the hurricane approaches there is a feeling of excitement or anticipation. Getting […]

Feeling Fat and Frustrated? Coffee as Meditation

As a lover of coffee I have a habit of drinking mine first thing every morning. Oftentimes, I am zipping out to my car, not mindfully, mind you. The adrenaline rushes through me as the day floods in and my to do list shouts in my head. Meditation is a mindfulness tool we use a […]

Does Obesity Kill?

The best laid plans….  No, we’re not on WordPress yet, and at this point, we’re not sure when we will  be.  So back to the basics. Speaking of which, did you see the study published last week that utilized the Edmonton Obesity Staging System to determine health risks of obesity?  It showed something that many […]

Self-Esteem: Isn’t that what it’s all about?

The sunshine warms my whole body as I canoe down the river in the quiet. “This is the feeling I am going for.  When I am stressed this is the feeling I don’t have.” …hmmm, but what is this feeling? It is a much better feeling  than self-doubt or focusing on weight loss.  Perhaps the […]

Summer Read & Giveaway: After the Before & After

Continuing with our recommended summer reads series, I’m pleased to tell you about Karen C.L. Anderson’s book After (the before & after): A real-life story of weight loss, weight gain and weightlessness through total acceptance. Gotta love that title! But even more, it’s one of the best chronicles I’ve read of the ups and downs […]

Stop Hating Your Body, Swimsuits and Self Compassion

Focusing on our bodies with self compassion is often one of the most difficult paths to negotiate when moving towards self acceptance or when wearing a swimsuit. Our body self talk can range from self-hate to saying “maybe my body is not so bad”. The focus on weight loss grows as the negative self talk […]

Feeling Stuck or Overwhelmed?

When you get into feeling stuck and down on yourself about your body, it is like having your feet in quicksand; the more you flail around the deeper you go.  This can lead to inertia, depression and despair. Use Mindfulness To Get Unstuck [div class=”callout-left”]Read This Related Article: Change Your Thinking: Startle Yourself with Surprises![end-div]One step […]

Is Ruthless Competence Inviting Out Of Control Eating?

Could you be adding to your stress by trying to be all things to all people all the time? “Ruthless competence” is a term I learned (because I needed to know it for myself!) in a class I took many years ago. Ruthless competence is you doing, doing, doing because you’re competent and you think […]

Low Self Esteem Getting You Down?

Low Self Esteem Getting You Down? Think about Yourself in a Positive Way! Afraid that you'll sound like you're tooting your own horn? Not to worry. It gets easier once you put the spotlight on positive behaviors and let yourself feel good about them. The braggart is competitive – comparing herself to others. She might […]

It Happened This Week-Women’s Day, George Michael’s Un-Marijuana Diet, Lily Allen’s Bulimia Struggle

The 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day occurred this week, and many organizations seized the opportunity to highlight women’s continuing struggles across the globe, including in regards to health. In the U.S., 61.2% of women are “overweight” and 35.5% are “obese.” While weight is hardly the only indicator of health, those percentages are a bit […]

Being Assertive without Being Aggressive

For our #gmKISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart) focus this month, I’m going to take on the topic of assertiveness . I feel that assertiveness is elemental to gaining and keeping a feeling of control in your life and your eating. I’ll talk about a few specific topics within that range: Saying ‘no’ (or words to […]

It Happened This Week – Michelle Obama and Gwyneth Paltrow Criticized During NEDA Week

In honor of this being National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, today the focus is on women’s body image in the public eye. And there has been plenty of talk on this topic recently… On his radio show on Monday, Rush Limbaugh criticized Michelle Obama’s dinner. The First Lady, whose wellness initiatives hope to teach children about fitness […]

It Happened This Week – Title X Funding, Aretha Franklin, and Simple Changes for Weight Loss

Many critics this week were decrying the effect proposed legislation might have on women’s health care. Several bills have been proposed recently that would decrease funding or even eradicate the Title X Family Planning program, which Nixon signed into law in 1970 to fund health clinics. One bill would stop all funding to any clinic […]

Finding Peace Within: A #gmKISS Valentine Message for YOU!

"May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. […]

It Happened This Week – Love Yourself First

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.” ~ Veronica A. Shoffstall A very happy Valentine’s Day weekend to our readers.  Be your own Valentine this year; change negative body image and realize your own beauty.  As Aimee Mullins said, “Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman […]

It Happened This Week – Food Trends for 2011, Resolutions and Revolutions

Resolutions?  Nah.  We prefer revolutions, such as the one encouraged by the Health at Every Size movement.  Instead of making shallow promises to diet, why not switch perspective to that of health, well-being, and loving yourself no matter what?  Model Isabelle Caro's death due to complications from anorexia was announced this week.  She was 28.  Known […]

Loving Ourselves in the New Year

There’s a great event going on over on Facebook encouraging a New Year’s ReVolution instead of the same old resolutions.  It’s focused on loving ourselves to wellness, e.g., the Health at Every SizeSM (HAES) approach, instead of, well, you know.  New Year’s resolutions are too often about focusing on what we hate. You can check […]