Chocolate “Hummus”

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan of creating healthy recipes by adding ingredients to existing recipes to boost nutrient content.  I’m always adding pumpkin, zucchini, and carrots to baked goods.  I love sneaking vegetables into existing dishes or smoothies and I also look for ways to include beans in baked goods, soups, frozen desserts, […]

Healthy Recipes – Modify It or Make the Real Deal?

I’m a fan of recipe modification and all about sneaking vegetables and legumes into anything I can think of.  Sadly sometimes my attempt at making something healthy fails big-time.  Exhibit A:  tonight’s attempt at zucchini & black bean brownies.  These may sound nasty, but I know I can get this right….eventually.  Until then, I’ll stick to […]

Kitchen Mishaps – Recipe Modification Gone Bad

This weekend I had to make the same recipe twice, because the first time I goofed.  I skipped an entire cup of flour in a blackberry-zucchini bread recipe; it collapsed.  When I put it on a plate I couldn't figure out why such a small looking cake felt like it weighed 20 pounds and when I […]