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Where Successful Weight Management Starts

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Successful weight management starts with befriending yourself — body and mind.  That’s the focus of two special weeks at Green Mountain later this month.  They will feature special guest Elesa Commerse, founder of National Meditation Month and co-founder and director of Touching Earth, a Chicago-based mindfulness learning center.  The subject is one that Green Mountain program director Barbara Meyer, PhD, […] Read more »

Elesa Commerse

Network Execs Act Like Boobs Over Boobs

By Cindy Bishop

Some of you may have already heard all the fuss around a Lane Bryant lingerie ad which didn’t hit the airways last week because it was deemed to be of an inappropriate nature.  ABC pulled the ad (which was to run during “Dancing With The Stars”) and FOX demanded “excessive edits” for the ad which was to run during the […] Read more »