Is Sitting the New Smoking?

Health experts are claiming that the risk of heart attack for people who sit all day is equal to smoking. Smoking! Sitting & The Increased Risk for Heart Attacks According to Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise, people who sit most of the day have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and increased mortality risk compared […]

How to Awaken Your “Inner Athlete” (yeah, she’s in there)

Connect With Your Body Through Movement A big part of the Green Mountain at Fox Run healthy living program is fitness. Or a better term might be “movement.” [div class=”callout-left”]Read Our Most Frequently Asked Questions[end-div]The idea is that through movement, we connect with our bodies. And the more connected we are, the more our bodies can […]

Moving without Exercising

This past weekend I spent at least 5 hours in my garden shoveling and raking.  I would have kept going since I love it so much, but at a certain point in the evening you’ve just got to go inside.  I was rewarded with sore muscles all over my ribs, one of those areas were […]

Grateful for My Body

At first glance this may sound like a vain blog post, but keep reading. As many of you know, Vermont experienced some very significant flooding this weekend as the result of hurricane Irene.  Luckily our healthy weight loss spa in Ludlow, VT was spared and we are 100% up and running.  However, on Sunday when the weather was peaking, […]

On Rainy Mondays & Physical Activity (& Ducks)

I wish I had a good camera with me on the way to work this morning.  As I drove over Red Bridge, I noticed three ducks dancing on the edge of the receding ice above the dam that separates Echo Lake from Lake Pauline.  It was a lovely sight that underscored for me the beauty […]

It Happened This Week: The Fat Thin, Body Image, Bungy Jumping & Getting Miz on Ellen

Even the thin can be fat, as pointed out in a Mayo Clinic study covered in the Wall Street Journal this week.  “Normal weight obesity” affects almost 30 million Americans, according to the researchers.  Which to me supports the health at every size (HAES) message that it’s our health, not our size, that’s really worthy […]