Healthy Weight Week: Be Happy Now

Deciding Not To Be Perfect I can’t remember the exact moment when I decided not to be perfect. I’m not sure if I just mellowed out with age or finally started doing what I encouraged my clients to do. To be still. To not wait to start living. To be enough, right now, in the […]

Life After A Different Kind of Weight Loss Retreat: Dealing with Questions

We are pleased to introduce a new series by Lauren Romano, a recent participant, on what happens after Green Mountain and making the journey to a healthy weight work at home. In this post, Lauren talks about the disconnect so many of us experience when it comes to doing things “right.” But in truth, there […]

With Resolutions, Try Small and Mighty

Is bigger better? Great big resolutions, long lists of intentions, sweeping goals make us feel good. The bigger and more ambitious, the better. The more intense the cleanse or detox the more virtuous and excited we feel. In the moment. There’s something a little sexy, maybe a bit daring about imagining taking such a big […]

When Being Good Is Bad

So you want to make a change happen.  You want to add more healthy foods or more exercise to your life.  And always is the struggle of having to do it right, having to be perfect, wanting to be GOOD. For most of us there is no such thing as being  good enough or perfect […]

Be Better, Not Perfect

Yesterday on A Weight Lifted, Darla presented a theme we will be working with during 2011 of Green Mountain KISSes.  These Green Mountain: Keep it Simple, Sweetheart Tips will hopefully help you take on 2011 and make it a year of change and self-improvement with a focus on health and wellness.  Yesterday Darla focused on […]

Thought for a Friday

This quote showed up on my Facebook stream, sent by Karen C.L. Anderson who has guest posted on A Weight Lifted several times in the past.  I thought it would be a good read for a Friday, especially for the perfectionists among us.  Not naming any names but we know who we are! “I must […]

One Day at A Time

On a recent show, Oprah declined to taste fine chocolate brought to her by a guest who carried the chocolate thousands of miles from her home in a foreign country “just for Oprah’s lips.”  Oprah’s reason for declining:  “I’m starting my Oprah boot camp today and can’t have any chocolate for six weeks.”  So let […]