Fearless or Fear-Based — What Kind of Eater Are You?

Do You Enjoy or Live in Fear of Food? I’ve been reading the new book Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat for Binge Eating, co-authored by Michelle May, MD and Kari Anderson, BH, LPC. One of the reasons I had heard about this book is that Dr. Anderson has joined our staff at Green Mountain at Fox […]

Write Your Own Manifesto to Help with Overeating

Are you being true to you? I have found in over 25 years of talking to women about their struggles with their bodies and overeating, that one dynamic that comes up often is the feeling of wanting to rebel. Against diets (who wouldn’t?!), food rules, ways of being. I believe this is healthy, natural, and […]

One Thing that Isn’t Helping You Overcome Overeating

The tendency to over-explain your overeating One of the things I love about teaching the behavioral wellness classes at Green Mountain are the way certain themes show up during particular weeks with certain groups. This week, one of the topics we focused on was the tendency to want to over-explain the whys of overeating, relationship […]

Prevent Overeating with Just One Word?

I had an epiphany about my overeating One of my favorite bloggers, Karen Anderson, chooses a word of the year as an alternative to making goals and resolutions. Last year, she told the readers of this blog how you can choose your own word of the year. I didn’t do it then, but this year, […]

Q&A: Making Peace with Food and Eating

Yesterday, we reposted an article about women who make peace with eating and food by Lisa Claudia Briggs. In Lisa’s practice, she sees two eating styles that women take on when they get to a better place with food and their bodies: those who treasure simplicity and practicality, and those who evolve into so-called foodies. […]

The Day After Halloween

Happy Halloween!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love being scared, I love dressing up, and I love spooky decorations.  One things I’m not 100% excited about is the candy.  If you are like me, you may have purchased candy well before the-day-of Halloween and having it the house, as a novel food, may […]

The Binge Eating Diaries: Did I Just Binge or Overeat?

Even though I haven’t had what I qualify as a binge since I left Green Mountain, this does not mean I have magically acquired perfect eating habits. I still overeat more than I would like (these things take time, people). It’s hard to find a balance between sustaining life with food and harming ourselves with […]

Portion Distortion – How Mindful Eating Works

Monday morning, while my husband was flipping TV channels, I caught a glimpse of champion competitive eater, Takeru Kobayashi being arrested for crashing an eating contest he was not supposed to participate in. I by no means follow the “sport” of competitive eating; however it got me wondering how a person could eat so much in […]

Who Ate My Lunch???

No I’m not talking about someone stealing your lunch out of the break-room fridge, I’m talking about eating amnesia, which can certainly thwart our weight loss goals.  While they do make plastic bags that give the appearance of moldy food to deter someone from snagging your sandwich, I’m unaware of a product that will help us avoid […]

Could Gluttony be Bad for Us?

I feel completely uninspired this morning.  Was moving in that direction yesterday, too.  Could it be the way I treated myself this weekend?  Double entendre on the word “treated.” I’m not ill.  And got plenty of physical activity and sleep over the weekend.  But it was a weekend of rich food and wine that, while […]

Could Gluttony be Good for Us?

After several weeks of eating very well as part of our new Food as Medicine program at Green Mountain — lots of great-tasting veggies and other good-for-me stuff — last weekend I enjoyed a meal that got me thinking.  If according to our genetics, e.g., our Paleolithic caveman ancestors, we evolved on a famine-feast type […]

The Mindful Eating Experiment

I’ve done something I shouldn’t have done.  Something I never thought I would have done while I was here. What did I do? I ate without being mindful. In fact I ate purposefully without thinking about my food.  In a way it was a mindful thing to do because I gave myself permission to eat […]

It Happened This Week: Jessica Simpson, Self Acceptance and No Regrets

“Jessica Simpson, who was battered by media coverage about her weight earlier this year, is…reportedly shopping around a new reality program that focuses on society’s scrutiny of women’s bodies.” Will you watch? The “secret first step” to mindful eating? Self Acceptance, says Dr. Susan Albers on the Huffington Post. “The goal of self-acceptance is to […]

Take a Vacation from Weight Worries

Give Yourself a Break from Weight Anxiety Memorial Day is almost upon us. After a long winter, the sun is shining and it’s barbecue season again! I did a quick Google search for “Memorial Day” and “food” or “diet” and got back a bunch of hits about sticking to your diet on holidays. We’ve got […]

Maybe Self-Control Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Every week when we introduce the concept that overeating is part of ‘normal’ eating, and that occasional overeating can be healthy, we hear  sighs of relief from women who have been struggling for years to control that urge. Normal eating can be thought of as a style of eating that’s hardwired into most of us […]