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The Binge Eating Diaries: Holiday Indulgence

By Jacki Monaco on 12/06/2012

A series by Green Mountain alum Jacki Monaco on her journey to overcome binge eating. Follow her every other Thursday as she blogs about the victories and challenges of recovery. My Thanksgiving was a bit non-traditional, but nevertheless, there was turkey, stuffing, and there was pie. Oh, and I seem to have forgotten to mention a green bean casserole with […] Read more »


Go Ask Alice: Body, Partners and Sex

By Darla Breckenridge on 12/03/2012

Feeling disturbed about your body image, what your partner thinks or wondering if you could ever let someone touch you or see you naked? Do you have tons of questions about disordered eating, sexuality and relationships  that you don’t know who to ask? Go Ask Alice is an a great web site created by Columbia University. Here’s what they have […] Read more »


Can Kindness Stop Weight Gain?

By Darla Breckenridge on 11/12/2012

Sing, Cheer, Pray. Creating positive self talk in your head is a step toward kindness, which interrupts the cycle of self loathing – overeating – self loathing that can lead to weight gain. The more negative self talk and self hate we engage in, the worse we feel, the more we eat to cope, the more our self-loathing grows (body […] Read more »

The Binge Eating Diaries: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

By Jacki Monaco on 10/18/2012

This blog is about my journey. A journey that I’m sharing in hopes that what I’ve gone through with binge eating will give all of you some comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. We can make our individual changes and achieve our personal goals… together. I’ve been proactive with my campaign that changes are indeed possible — “Just Look […] Read more »


Is It Really Self Sabotage?

By Darla Breckenridge on 10/15/2012

What if self sabotage of healthy behaviors isn’t self sabotage, but rebel behavior? And rebel behavior is trying to protect you from self criticism and deprivation. Rebel behavior hides the candy or cookies so nobody will see you eating what you love. Makes you eat fast so you won’t be caught. There doesn’t even have to be anyone else in […] Read more »

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