I Cook Healthy Foods, I Just Eat Too Much

If I had a nickel for every time I heard this concern, I’d have a lot of nickels!  I work with so many women who understand the basics of nutrition; some even have an advanced understanding of nutrition, but all still struggle with health and weight loss.  Why is it that knowing what foods are good […]

Could Gluttony be Bad for Us?

I feel completely uninspired this morning.  Was moving in that direction yesterday, too.  Could it be the way I treated myself this weekend?  Double entendre on the word “treated.” I’m not ill.  And got plenty of physical activity and sleep over the weekend.  But it was a weekend of rich food and wine that, while […]

Could Gluttony be Good for Us?

After several weeks of eating very well as part of our new Food as Medicine program at Green Mountain — lots of great-tasting veggies and other good-for-me stuff — last weekend I enjoyed a meal that got me thinking.  If according to our genetics, e.g., our Paleolithic caveman ancestors, we evolved on a famine-feast type […]

Does Perceived Deprivation Cause You to Overeat?

Robyn Priebe, RD, Green Mountain’s director of nutrition, is back with some thoughts on deprivation.  It’s a subject we talk a lot about at Green Mountain and on A Weight Lifted.  Sometimes it takes a while to really understand the significant impact it can have on our eating. How will giving myself permission to eat […]

It Happened This Week: Greek Mussels, Calorie Counting vs. Intuitive Eating, & TV Cooking Shows

No, it isn’t Thursday (our usual day to post recipes).  It’s just that I love this picture and I love the recipe even more!  It’s called Mussels Saganaki and is featured on Kalofagas.ca.  Kalofagas means “gourmet” in Greek.  So now you also know the blog is about Greek food, which is one of my favorites […]

Eat to Succeed at Your July 4 Food Fest

Is it me? Or do you wonder when you see that ad for a heartburn drug where the guy is ordering an extremely loaded burger, and the voiceover asks, “Would you like heartburn with that now or later?” It’s no surprise in our pill-happy society that a drug to alleviate the problem would be popular.  […]

How Eating as Much as You Want Can Help You Lose Weight

When I encourage people to eat as much as they want in their quest for healthy weight loss, the response is incredulous, to say the least.  “You’ve got to be kidding. If I took the brakes off, I’d eat anything and everything and lots of it.” The light begins to dawn when I ask, “Is […]