The Binge Eating Diaries: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

This blog is about my journey. A journey that I’m sharing in hopes that what I’ve gone through with binge eating will give all of you some comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. We can make our individual changes and achieve our personal goals… together. I’ve been proactive with my campaign that changes are […]

Is It Really Self Sabotage?

What if self sabotage of healthy behaviors isn’t self sabotage, but rebel behavior? And rebel behavior is trying to protect you from self criticism and deprivation. Rebel behavior hides the candy or cookies so nobody will see you eating what you love. Makes you eat fast so you won’t be caught. There doesn’t even have […]

The Binge Eating Diaries: Did I Just Binge or Overeat?

Even though I haven’t had what I qualify as a binge since I left Green Mountain, this does not mean I have magically acquired perfect eating habits. I still overeat more than I would like (these things take time, people). It’s hard to find a balance between sustaining life with food and harming ourselves with […]

What is Emotional Eating? 3 Ways to Find Real Comfort

What is emotional eating?  Emotional eating is an attempt to help yourself feel better or not feel. If you are an emotional eater you know there are many things can trigger emotional eating. Here are some of the reasons women at our healthy weight loss spa emotionally eat: Tired Anxious Bored Habit Self-loathing Numbing Self […]

Back-to-School Lessons: Preventing Chaotic Eating

If you haven’t noticed, school is back in session! Whether you are a brand new college student, a mother and “manager” of your own students, or you’re perhaps taking evening classes as you pursue a second degree, getting back in the school mindset and in a routine can take some time. While you adjust to […]

The Binge Eating Diaries: My Inner Battles

A series by Green Mountain alum Jacki Monaco on her journey to overcome binge eating. Follow her every other Thursday as she blogs about the challenges and victories of recovery. Sometimes I feel like Miss Jekyll and Miss Hyde. In my case I guess we’ll say I’m Miss Jaclyn and Miss Hyper-Sensitive-Over-Emotional-Where’s-The-Pasta-Monaco. It’s exhausting. I […]

Weight Stigma and Loneliness

Weight Stigma Can Lead To Isolation Weight stigma enhances feeling fat and uncomfortable in public and can lead to greater and greater isolation. At Green Mountain at Fox Run, we know that loneliness can interrupt self care and increase isolation. Harriet Brown discusses in Science Times how, in a time of public acceptance and tolerance […]

Emotional Eating Book Review: Eating With Fierce Kindness

Green Mountain alum and blogger Jill C is back with another book review, this one on the topic of emotional eating, “Eating with Fierce Kindness.” At some point in your life, you may have found it necessary to self-soothe with food. And maybe, like me, you are ready to change that story. If so, it’s […]

The Problem Isn’t Too Much Fruit: Enough with the Tired, Old Advice

Anyone who watches MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” knows that Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough’s co-host, has made it her personal mission to fight obesity in this country. She’s frequently ridiculed by Joe and others on the show about her position on food, physical activity and weight. But if you go by the recent psa-like spot in which […]

Mindful Eating Series: Can You Hear What Your Cells Are Saying?

This is the fifth post in our series exploring the seven hungers — eye hunger, nose hunger, mouth hunger, stomach hunger, cellular hunger, mind hunger and heart hunger — as discussed in Jan Chozen Bay’s book Mindful Eating.  Each hunger provides a unique voice to help you discover your relationship to food and the body.  […]

From Ice Cream to I Scream: Coping with Feelings

Today’s post is from Green Mountain alum Jill C, who shares her journey to overcome emotional eating. Since leaving Green Mountain, my life has changed. I enjoy movement and incorporate it into my life regularly. I’m experimenting with Cooking 101. My binge eating has lessened. I’m becoming more and more aware that food is just […]

Emotional Eating: Understanding Your Emotional Style

Emotional eating can lead to yucky feelings or negative emotions which just seem to imbue our lives. But by training our brains through neuroplasticity, understanding our emotional style and getting support to break out of isolation, there is hope for deep, meaningful change and beginning to live life instead of just “weighting”. Happily, I discovered […]

Emotional Eating: Is It Possible to Not Hate It?

If you are looking to stop emotional eating the process of learning to understand it can be challenging and  frustrating.  But by exploring rather than ignoring you can start to look at  your emotional eating. Perhaps  you can begin to be less mad at your eating and even start to appreciate this pattern as a […]

The Green Mountain Guide to Healthy Eating: The Plate Model

There are thousands of books, websites and TV shows on how to eat healthier. We are constantly barraged with complicated schemes and conflicting information about the best ways to lose weight, from counting calories and monitoring our sugar intake to eliminating food groups and calculating points. We can’t even check out at the grocery store […]

Emotional Eating: Questions to Ask When The Urge Hits

When you are looking for help to stop emotional eating, realize you can respond to upset or distress by mindlessly eating.  Or the eating can become habituated without you realizing it. If you find yourself sitting in your favorite chair with the remote and you are prompted to get the food, hungry or not, it’s […]

Emotional Eating in Four Parts

Emotional eating is  complex and ever changing.   The next 4 blogs will help you explore emotional eating in your life. At Green Mountain , a women’s weight loss spa, women talk about emotional eating as something in their lives that they can’t control.  In fact their eating overtakes them; they feel hopeless and discouraged. Wishing […]

Healthy Eating, Deprivation & the Right Choice

It’s a debate that’s gone on since the beginning of “non-diet.”  The question of whether people respond best to a structured approach to eating that helps get their bodies back into balance so they can better sense their internal cues to guide them in healthy behaviors, or whether “permission to eat everything and anything and […]

Managing Food Cravings: Changing Eating Habits

Developing Healthier Food Habits One of the classes we teach at Green Mountain focuses on the various types of food cravings people have: physical cravings, those due to food exposure, and habit-based cravings.  Wanting to eat out of habit is usually a response to an event, location, activity, time of day, or routine of some sort.  We’ve formed associations […]

Ode to the Potato Chip

The poor maligned potato chip.  It has such a bad reputation yet it’s a food that’s made a big difference in helping me eat healthy. Not just any old potato chip either.  It has to be Lay’s.  I have my standards. Anyone who knows me these days knows I’m all about eating healthy.  Our Food […]

Mindfully Fooling a Sweet Tooth

When I first started cooking at Green Mountain at Fox Run in 2006, I had just left a job at a southern Vermont inn that involved making pastry.  Tea cookies, desserts, breads, cinnamon buns, doughnuts, coffee cakes, you name it.  When you’re in a job like that, it’s hard to avoid quality control duty eating […]