Nuts for Weight Loss?

By Robyn Priebe on 11/27/2013

Increased Nut Consumption, Decreased Waist Circumference According to a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, you might benefit from eating nuts more often.  This study on nuts examined the association between frequent consumption of nuts by reviewing dietary habits of close to 119,000 men and women. The most exciting finding was that as nut consumption increased, rates of mortality for any reason […] Read more »


Benefits of Nuts and Seeds: What is Chia?

By Robyn Priebe on 05/02/2012

The benefits of nuts and seeds, as far as our health goes, are vast.  Beyond health, they are also delicious, shelf stable, and easily portable.  Nuts and seeds are a fantastic source of protein, healthy fats, & fiber that are a wonderful snack idea paired with a carbohydrate source like whole fresh fruit. I love adding nuts and seeds to […] Read more »

chia seeds

Snack Recipe: Apricot Yogurt with Pistachios

By Emily on 04/16/2009

Yogurt makes for a great breakfast food or snack. It’s got protein, calcium, vitamins and live cultures that may aid in digestion and boost immunity. Most importantly, it’s delicious! This recipe, courtesy of the American Council on Exercise, shows you how to make a thick yogurt dip with sweet fruit and crunchy nuts. Even if you don’t want to strain it […] Read more »

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