Mindful Eating: A Dietary Rx for Heart Health

“You should really consider making some diet and lifestyle changes to improve your cardiovascular health.”

Celebrate the Joy of Eating Today on Mindful Eating Day

The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME) is calling it a global picnic.

Redefining Healthy Eating: It’s Not What You Think

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Huffington Post or the gazillions of other media outlets that love to talk about what you should eat, you’re likely seeing lots of articles these days about the dangers of sugar.

Food Addiction Through Another Lens: 5 Steps to Addressing Food Addiction

Google the words “Food Addiction” and in less than half a second you get over 33 million results. It’s pretty clear that lots of people are talking and others are listening. This topic interests me in a big way because I lead a discussion around food addiction here at Green Mountain.  But there is a compelling difference […]

What I’ve Learned About Women and Weight Loss

A Q&A with Our Dietitian Robyn Priebe Robyn has been the nutrition lead at Green Mountain at Fox Run for 10 years, and is sharing what she has learned about women and weight loss in that time. Congratulations Robyn! We appreciate everything that you do for our participants – from your inspiring classes and mind-blowing nutrition […]

Too Corny For Words?

Every year I write about my love affair with corn . I don’t know why, maybe because each summer when I take that first juicy bite it reminds me of childhood, warm summer days and simplicity. Oh, and it’s just plain good!  Another thing corn reminds me of is how delicious fresh produce can be, and how easy […]