Calorie-Restricted Diets, Aging and Quality of Life

Back in 2006, The New York Times reported on a study that showed that monkeys who ate one third less calories than normal could extend their lifespan. The result of this study was recently reinforced by a newer study. “For age-related deaths caused by illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, the voracious eaters died […]

It Happened This Week: Vitamins, Chicken and Fat-Friendly Docs

Green Mountain director Marsha Hudnall dishes her secrets for healthy living to USA Today: “The key is to understand what we really want. Sometimes it’s the doughnut, and sometimes it’s not.” While the notion of taking small steps may seem to conflict with the research Marsha discussed in Wednesday’s post, it really doesn’t because she’s […]

It Happened This Week: Models without Makeup

French Elle puts models on its cover that are — gasp — not wearing makeup or airbrushed! Bitch magazine has a review. We are flattered to have made the list of food- and nutrition-oriented blogs that dieticians recommended to the Chicago Tribune. Diet-blog serves up tips on how to feel good in your bathing suit, […]

It Happened This Week: French Women, ‘Curing’ Diabetes and Gluten-Free Labels

Green Mountain made the news this week on “Have a Blast and Get in Shape with a Fit Trip.” For all the talk about French women not getting fat, it turns out that being thin has it’s downsides. The Guardian reports that “while a new study has confirmed that French women are indeed the […]