Creating Your Internal Support Team

Today's post is a follow-up to Darla's from last week on How to Talk Sense to Yourself. Or in other words, changing negative self talk. ACT II on the stage between your ears…. There's no one we believe more than ourselves, so all that negative self talk that we let aimlessly chatter away harms us. […]

How to Talk Sense to Yourself

Today's post is a follow-up to the post Darla wrote a few weeks ago titled "To Fix Problems, Stop Admiring Them."  As always, she comes through with some spot-on insight and strategies for changing our thinking. In a recent blog, we talked about how we are quite accomplished at talking about and bonding with others […]

To Fix Problems, Stop Admiring Them

Today’s post is another from Darla Breckenridge, our psychologist at Green Mountain.  She takes a different look at what we’re doing when we think or speak about our problems in the usual way. Admiring our problems is a case of unwittingly practicing or rehearsing how we think about them. In the usual course of things, […]

Changing Negative Thinking: The Thought Stopping Technique

Negative thoughts about ourselves are a plague among weight-worried women.  "You look awful stuffed into those jeans."  "You're really hopeless, you know." "You should have just stayed home." Rather than being just in-the-moment downers, these kinds of thoughts have much more impact than we might think.  If we engage in them long enough, they begin […]