Life Doesn’t Start at Your Goal Weight!

When I lose all this extra weight, I’m going on vacation! When I reach my goal weight, then I’ll try swing dancing. I know I need new clothes, but I’m not buying any until I lose weight. I’ll get back out there and start dating, but first I need to get back down to a […]

Women’s Weight Worries, French Style

A recent report from France’s National Institute of Demographic Studies, as reported in The Guardian, reveals French women may pay a high price for having the lowest average body mass index (BMI) among women in western Europe. They worry more about their weight than their western European counterparts.  Plus, their “ideal” weight is lower, and […]

Weighing In: How to Improve Young Girls’ Body Image

Over the weekend, a relative’s daughter lamented that ‘she looked fat.’ Having just started first grade, and in reality being very slim, my young relative demonstrates how insidious the fear of fat can be.  Her mother has weight issues, but is careful not to share her frustration, comment on body sizes, or limit foods but […]