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What Spring Brings

By Marsha Hudnall on 03/22/2012

I can’t let this week go by without commenting on the absolutely gorgeous weather we’re having in Vermont.  Temperatures ranging in the high 60s, low 70s, sunny, clear skies, the snow is melting, the streams are running.  It’s just beautiful. Spring has truly brought with it all that it’s famous for — warm weather, feeling alive, wanting to clear out […] Read more »

Our trees aren't quite here yet but if this weather keeps up, they will be soon!

Flooded with Feelings

By Darla Breckenridge on 09/06/2011

With the massive flooding which occurred in Vermont, I have been listening to the myriad of feelings about the damage from “I feel so lucky to It has been so devastating.” The muddy waters and pouring rains of Irene have inundated our state, but Green Mountain at Fox Run up on the hill was unscathed. What has happened in Vermont […] Read more »

Stop Hating Your Body, Swimsuits and Self Compassion

By Darla Breckenridge on 06/20/2011

 Focusing on our bodies with self compassion is often one of the most difficult paths to negotiate when moving towards self acceptance or when wearing a swimsuit. Our body self talk can range from self-hate to saying “maybe my body is not so bad”. The focus on weight loss grows as the negative self talk about our bodies increases. Self […] Read more »

Normal Eating versus “Perfect Eating”

By Gina V. on 04/19/2005

Having spent a lifetime thinking about food and weight and weight loss, I consider myself a connoisseur of these matters. Although I haven’t been on every diet in the world, and I did avoid the riskier weight loss endeavors like growth hormone shots, fat farms or adult fat camps, I’ve certainly done my share of fasting (Optifast and others) and […] Read more »

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