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How to Meal Plan Without Overplanning

By Robyn Priebe

Today in our meal planning class at our healthy weight loss spa I had mentioned that meal planning does not always need to involve determining specific combinations you’ll pair up, for example deciding that you must serve Lemon Cantonese Chicken with a Soba Noodle Salad and steamed snow peas.  Focusing on 1 food group is also an appropriate way to […] Read more »

Breakfast for Dinner?

By Robyn Priebe

 Last week I wrote about simplifying meal planning.  This morning as I stood in front of my fridge thinking that traditional breakfast foods like eggs or cereal were just not appealing, I got to thinking about how locked in we get to eating certain foods at certain times of the day.  I don't HAVE TO eat eggs or cereal for […] Read more »

Meal Planning Made Easy

By Robyn Priebe

Not everyone needs a meal plan to feed themself well, however you may find a list of favorite meal ideas posted in your kitchen helps with the shopping and food prep.  I am a big fan of keeping a list of healthy recipes I love to make posted on my fridge, with plenty of blank spaces to add ideas as they come […] Read more »

Meals, Snacks & Your Metabolic Rate

By Robyn Priebe

In class yesterday, one of our participants was wondering if eating five or six mini meals is better for her metabolism than eating three major meals. At Green Mountain we work with three main meals, but also give people the opportunity to add snacks throughout the day as needed because everyone is different in terms of their nutrition needs. However […] Read more »

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