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Breakfast for Dinner?

By Robyn Priebe on 04/06/2011

 Last week I wrote about simplifying meal planning.  This morning as I stood in front of my fridge thinking that traditional breakfast foods like eggs or cereal were just not appealing, I got to thinking about how locked in we get to eating certain foods at certain times of the day.  I don't HAVE TO eat eggs or cereal for […] Read more »

Maple Syrup: Not Your Mama’s Mrs. Butterworth’s

By Cindy Bishop on 03/23/2010

Spring has sprung in Vermont, and that means its maple syrup time. When the temperatures get warmer, the sap starts to run. And that means hundreds of maple sugar-daddies (and sugar-mamas) begin the mad rush to tap their maple trees in order to capture every delightful drop of amber-y goodness! Typically maple syrup is categorized as a simple carbohydrate, but […] Read more »

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