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Thursday Thoughts: Daily Affirmations, Paula Deen & Type 2 Diabetes

By Marsha Hudnall

Because we’re doing Fitness Fridays much of the time now on the blog, I thought I’d put together my round-up of interesting posts on Thursday, at least this week.  No promises for the future, though.  We have so much going on at Green Mountain these days — all good — but it’s taking me away from one of my loves […] Read more »

Deep Fried Mac and Cheese, courtesy of Paula Deen on the Food Network

It Happened This Week: Social Media & Self-Esteem, Type 2 Diabetes, and Fall Soups & Stews

By Marsha Hudnall

Do Facebook and Twitter make you feel better or worse about yourself?  Nourishing the Soul has an interesting piece on social networking and self-esteem. Another good study proves the power of a healthy lifestyle in keeping type 2 diabetes under control.  One of the investigators, Ed Horton of the Joslin Diabetes Center, has been a long-time friend of Green Mountain, […] Read more »

Five Years of Managing Type 2 Diabetes & More

By Marsha Hudnall

I thought it would be interesting today to look back over our last five years of blogging to see what we posted each year on this date.  Never mind that I couldn't come  up with something particularly newsworthy to talk about.  But it was interesting to see the pattern of our past years' posts. On this date in 2005, the […] Read more »

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