Thursday Thoughts: Daily Affirmations, Paula Deen & Type 2 Diabetes

Because we’re doing Fitness Fridays much of the time now on the blog, I thought I’d put together my round-up of interesting posts on Thursday, at least this week.  No promises for the future, though.  We have so much going on at Green Mountain these days — all good — but it’s taking me away […]

It Happened This Week: Social Media & Self-Esteem, Type 2 Diabetes, and Fall Soups & Stews

Do Facebook and Twitter make you feel better or worse about yourself?  Nourishing the Soul has an interesting piece on social networking and self-esteem. Another good study proves the power of a healthy lifestyle in keeping type 2 diabetes under control.  One of the investigators, Ed Horton of the Joslin Diabetes Center, has been a […]

Eating Only When Hungry May Help Manage Blood Sugar, Weight

It's nice to see studies that confirm what you believe.  Especially when the belief is based on experience — we've seen it work over and over again at Green Mountain.  It's a key element of our healthy weight loss program and the various tracks we offer to help with problems like type 2 diabetes, pco, […]

Five Years of Managing Type 2 Diabetes & More

I thought it would be interesting today to look back over our last five years of blogging to see what we posted each year on this date.  Never mind that I couldn't come  up with something particularly newsworthy to talk about.  But it was interesting to see the pattern of our past years' posts. On […]

Breakfast Protein Helps Light Eaters Feel Full

Before I get to the meat (just laugh with me, ok?) of this post, a few thoughts: I purposefully didn’t use the word “dieters” in my title although that’s the word used in the article that spurred this post.  I’m following my own advice to watch the words we use.  Instead of promoting dieting by […]