3 Tips for Setting Boundaries & Learning to Say “No”

Setting Boundaries, Renewing Our Commitment To Ourselves This spring, as we think about reawakening and rejuvenation, we’re also thinking about renewing our commitment to ourselves. When it comes to our relationships, setting boundaries is about loving ourselves enough to say no. It’s not about spite or being malicious, but instead saying yes to ourselves for a […]

It’s the Most Wonderful…Wait…Really? Putting the Holidays into Perspective

Does the hustle and bustle of this time of year bring on warm, nostalgic feelings? Or are we overloaded with expectations and riddled with stress? I wish the former for anyone, but unfortunately many of us are dealing with the latter. Most Feel Increased Stress During The Holidays And most often women bear more of the […]

The Daily Essentials During Life Transitions, Part I

As much as we know lots of things on an intellectual level, when push comes to shove (and sometimes it really does feel like that), what we know can go missing… Gone baby gone. People that know me know that I have just undergone more than a few life transitions. Big ones. Downsized from our […]

Investing in Yourself: Creating SelfWealth

It is so easy to put yourself at the bottom of your to do list. How can we move ourselves up on the list of things we need to get done with so few hours in the day? This investment into SelfWealth really seems to make sense logically, but many of us ignore, ignore, ignore […]

Be Your Own Self-Care Detective

When stress increases, self-care decreases. The problem is, this is when we need it the most. Have you noticed: You stopped making it to the pool? Your pants feel tighter and all you want to do is eat? You are down on yourself for blowing it (yet again)? For many of us this pattern is […]

Change Your Brain with Mindfulness

Have you ever felt so stressed out or frozen from fear that you that you couldn’t think or move or make any decision? This kind of flight or fight stress helps us when our very survival feels threatened. This can be because of too heavy a work load too much of the time, from being […]

Book Review: Have You Tried Urge Surfing?

A big part of developing a healthy relationship with food, is realizing it’s not actually about the food! It’s that other F-word: feelings. I really struggle with being with my feelings, as I’ve talked about in many other posts. I will do anything to avoid dealing with them, including using food to escape them. I […]

Weight and Depression: ‘Tis the Season

Many of us carry the Hallmark variety of pictures in our heads of how the holiday season is supposed to be.  And yet, what often happens at this time of year is that we hyper-focus on weight and depression. The more we wish for weight loss and a different body, the more down, unhappy and […]

Fitness Friday Video: Relieving Tension in Your Neck and Shoulders

Friday is finally here, but chances are good that the cumulative stress from the work week has settled into your neck and shoulders. If you feel tight from sitting in the car and hunching over your keyboard, we have a few stretches you can do to relieve that tension quickly. Yes, getting a massage or […]

Ending Relationships

I’m almost sure no one has reached this point in life without having ended by choice or circumstances meaningful relationships – be they with someone who’s still alive but changed, someone who’s rejected you or you them, or someone who has died. Although Cathy Davidson’s book, Now You See It, How the Brain Science of […]

Winter Wonderland and Body Rhythm

Our first snow here at Green Mountain …oh so beautiful with sun twinkling off the glistening trees.  A change in season is an opportunity to connect with ourselves in a more hopeful way. One way to enhance our day to day life is by noticing our body rhythms.  What is your best time of day, […]

Easy Holiday Planning – Taking Care of Your Needs

One of the things I’ve had validated by a fantastic member of our behavior staff, Darla Breckenridge, is to put yourself at the top of your to-do list. What I used to call “selfishness,” Darla has reframed for me as “selfness.” I’ve always explained it as “I am my top priority.” Sounds somewhat selfish, but […]

To Control Stress, Take Time to Control Your Thoughts

Another post today from Darla Breckenridge, Green Mountain's "Stress Management Strategy Lady." Yes. Stress happens. Mostly on the stage between your ears. Listening in on those mighty conversations you have with yourself can offer important information for managing stress. Our interpretation of events leads to our actions and emotional reactions.   Some people get stressed […]

From Bathroom to Affirmation Room: Two Birds with One Stone!

Here's another post from Darla Breckenridge, our psychologist-masters at Green Mountain.  It gives you a peek at her sense of humor…as well as how she can zero in on ways to fit stress management into the most basic parts of our day. A spot you frequently use is waiting to help you remember to breathe […]

It Happened This Week: Stress, Sweeteners & Salads

Stressed and know why but really can't change the situation?  Try this advice from Melissa at Too Much on Her Plate on how to lower your stress even if you can't change your life. It's been a question for a while whether zero-calorie sweeteners actually increase our appetites.  The latest research published in the jounal […]

Managing Stress: Discover Your Ambivalences

Today's post is another by our psychologist-masters Darla Breckenridge, who has been with us only a few months but has already been named "The Strategy Lady" by the women who come to Green Mountain.  She also teaches our stress management classes.  It's a dynamite combination. Sometimes the most difficult stress to deal with is created […]

It Happened This Week: Taking Time for Ourselves

I’m going to practice what I preach today and put myself first.  I’ve got too many meetings going on — and my daughter is home for the first time in a year.   So I’m not going to spend time putting together our usual Friday review of notable reads on the web. Instead, I’ll just encourage […]

Escaping Stress – I Dare You!

Yeah, I’m stressed out. Who isn’t? I’m stressed about my weight, my workouts (or the lack thereof), deadlines (some self-imposed, others not), getting this post up by 9 a.m. (failed), and any one of a number of other things. Right now, I feel the physical tension building in my shoulders, a low-grade headache beginning and a growl in […]

Survey Shows Weight Rivals the Economy as Source of Stress

In 2009, polls showed that 80 percent of Americans were stressed out about the economy. It was a tough time and it’s a wonder anyone would be able to think about anything else. But, apparently,they did. They still worried whether they look fat in their jeans. In a survey conducted by Green Mountain at Fox Run at the same […]