Emotional Eating Strategy: The QTIP

QTIP=Quit Taking It Personally!! I learned about the QTIP technique from a participant at Green Mountain at Fox Run.  She kept a Q-tip® taped to her computer so she would remember…. remember to not make all of it all about her failings. Usually her self talk was: It is all my fault I should have […]

How to Stop the Binge Eating & Emotional Overeating Cycle: Before, During and After the Storm

After Hurricane Irene struck Vermont last August, I blogged about the number of similarities I noticed between binge eating and how we feel before, during and after a storm. In talking to many of the women at Green Mountain, I can say that the comparison of a storm to the binge eating and emotional overeating […]

Low Self Esteem Getting You Down?

Low Self Esteem Getting You Down? Think about Yourself in a Positive Way! Afraid that you'll sound like you're tooting your own horn? Not to worry. It gets easier once you put the spotlight on positive behaviors and let yourself feel good about them. The braggart is competitive – comparing herself to others. She might […]

Just Saying No to Holiday Overeating

We’ve all been there before. Grandma made her special dish and wants so much for us to eat some. Our friend is dying for the holiday cookies but doesn’t want to eat by herself. We’re staring down a bowl of nuts but really aren’t hungry. Do we go ahead and eat, even though we really […]

Five Good Minutes Can Mean a Lot

Ah, it's Friday.  For many of us, that means it's only a few hours until we've got a couple days off from working for someone else, usually to work for ourselves getting chores done.  But we hope we'll be able to grab at least a little time to relax and do exactly what we want […]

Responding, Not Reacting

  Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.  ~Viktor E. Frankl This quote crossed my computer last Friday, sent by wise woman Ellen Shuman, founder of A Weigh Out.  She offers hope and coaching to […]

Binge Eating, Body Image, FitBloggin’ & Health At Every Size

I returned from the first ever conference of the Binge Eating Disorder Association all fired up…again…about the value of the tenets of Health at Every Size as guiding principles in helping our society overcome the current epidemic of body dissatisfaction and related disorder eating/eating disorders.  Research continues to point to how changing our thinking to […]

Weight Gain & Higher Learning – The Freshman 15

It’s the middle of freshman year for many university women across this body conscious land of ours – a time when many may be facing a frustrating realization: they’ve gained weight. A recent Seattle Times article regarding the ‘Freshman 15’ (the few pounds many of us gain immediately after leaving home and attending college), caught […]