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Respecting Your Uniqueness: Are Low-Carbohydrate Diets Right for You?

By Marsha Hudnall

I’ve been reading quite a bit recently since my foray into the food as medicine world, and one of themes that keeps hitting home to me is how we are all biochemically unique.  Yet when many of us set out to clean up our eating, we often try to follow guidelines that may not work for us. Take low carbohydrate […] Read more »

This Three-Bean Vegetarian Chili from Pinch My Salt is a great source of good-for-us carbohydrates.

Rethinking Carbohydrates…Again

By Marsha Hudnall

If you’re as old as I am, you’ve been around the block with the carbohydrate question too many times to count.  Even if you’re younger, you’re still likely a veteran of the carbohydrate wars.  Has any nutrient gotten as much negative attention over the last 50 years of weight worrying in America as carbohydrates? Yet I’ll bet most of us […] Read more »

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