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The Biggest Loser — One Fewer Guilty Pleasure

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Beverly’s back with her thoughts on this popular television show that she observed several young women watching during her stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run. “I’ve been struggling with my response ever since,” she says. Yes, I’m among the millions who have watched “The Biggest Loser.”  Who will fall below the dread “yellow line.”  Can anyone beat Tara at […] Read more »


Weight Loss: Breast Cancer Survivors Decrease Risk of Recurrence by Losing Weight, Lowering Estrogen Levels

By Laura Brooks

Breast Cancer Awareness efforts generally focus on preventative measures for healthy women, early screening, and fundraising, but it’s just as important to emphasize ways of preventing recurrence in women who have survived the disease. Studies have linked higher estrogen levels in the body to breast cancer in women, and excess weight plays a role in elevating the hormone. “Overweight women […] Read more »