Fitness Friday: I Love Hiking in Vermont

By Lisa Christie

Hands down, one of the best parts of being a participant at Green Mountain (definitely not a typical weight loss camp) for me was hiking in Vermont and all of the “Vermontings” (usually long walks through forests, picturesque country roads, etc) we did. These excursions helped me discover that I do like to exercise and enjoy being active, that I actually don’t hate exercise […] Read more »

Me at Lye Brook Falls

Foodie Friday Video: Find YOUR Filling Breakfast

By Lisa Christie

One of the many life-changing things I learned at Green Mountain (what I call a weight loss retreat, not a weight loss spa, because it is so much more than that) was to eat a satisfying and filling breakfast – one preferably consisting of 2-3 servings of carbohydrates and 1-2 proteins, depending on what works for you and your body. Life before […] Read more »

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