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Hearty Kale and White Bean Soup – Healthy Cooking Thursday

By Chef Lisa on 11/04/2010

Ilove kale.  I love it sauteed simply with garlic and olive oil, or with rice and mushrooms, or reincarnated as ridiculously easy-to-make and delicious kale chips.  Oh yeah, it's pretty nutritious, too! One of my favorite uses for kale is to throw it in at the end of cooking nearly any soup.  This one, a favorite of my friend (and fellow blogger) Sherry Mayrent, […] Read more »

Healthy Cooking Wednesday! Mushroom-Kale Almond Rice

By Chef Lisa on 04/07/2010

I love leftovers.  They cause magical things to happen.  I will often cook just a little bit extra of whatever I’m making for a meal for the sole purpose of giving me something fun to play with for a later meal.  It follows with the great culinary motto, “Work Smarter, Not Harder!”  Today’s recipe is a magical combination of stuff […] Read more »

mushroom kale rice 2

Healthy Recipe Thursday! Kale “Chips”

By Chef Lisa on 02/18/2010

Kale is one of those vegetables that most people either love or despise…except when prepared in this manner, one of Green Mountain at Fox Run’s most popular side dishes.  When raw, kale is as beautiful to look at as it is good for you to eat.  It grows extremely well in cold climates like our Green Mountains, even after the snow […] Read more »

A gorgeous kale plant
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