Respecting Your Uniqueness: Are Low-Carbohydrate Diets Right for You?

I’ve been reading quite a bit recently since my foray into the food as medicine world, and one of themes that keeps hitting home to me is how we are all biochemically unique.  Yet when many of us set out to clean up our eating, we often try to follow guidelines that may not work […]

Intuitive Eating Tip: Think of Your Stomach as a Blender

The day before Thanksgiving, I received an email that gleefully encouraged me to stuff myself the next day, as that was the American way.  It gave me pause, wondering how we came to this point.  Surely the Pilgrims didn’t approach their day of giving thanks with the idea that they’d walk away from the table […]

Healthy Recipe Thursday: Lemongrass Chicken

Today’s recipe is courtesy of Tram Le, RD, author of the lovely blog Nutrition to Kitchen….  It’s an amazing collection of recipes, I think all developed by Tram.  Or maybe they’re a lot of “recipes” that were handed down to her.  She actually says she wasn’t given recipes — just an intuitive ability balance flavors […]

Who’s In Charge of What You Eat?

In class last week, Sherry (not her real name) shared how she was torn at a family function about whether to eat a piece of cake.  She tried telling herself, “I’m allowed to have this cake if I want it.” “Who’s giving you the permission?” I asked. She thought a moment, then said, “Green Mountain […]

Women’s Weight Worries, French Style

A recent report from France’s National Institute of Demographic Studies, as reported in The Guardian, reveals French women may pay a high price for having the lowest average body mass index (BMI) among women in western Europe. They worry more about their weight than their western European counterparts.  Plus, their “ideal” weight is lower, and […]

Does Eat This, Not That Work for Weight Loss?

It may seem like I’m hung up on calories these days given the number of times I’ve written about them in the past weeks.  But I read a research article this weekend that brings the subject up again.  It questions whether the energy balance equation (you know, calories in vs. calories out = your weight) […]

Raising Healthy Eaters: A Mother’s Day Tale of Sugar &, Finally, Spice

Sunday is Mother’s Day — a perfect time to talk about feeding our kids.  ‘Cuz even on ‘our’ day, we’re thinking about our favorite people in the world. When my kids were young, I was faced with an ironic challenge for a dietitian.  My son’s definite predilection for sugar and adamant rejection of vegetables, whole […]

When Counting Calories Doesn’t Work

[div class=”callout-right”]Read This Related Article: On Calories, Restaurants & Healthy Eating[end-div]My post several weeks ago about calories on restaurant menus got me thinking about calorie counting in general.  I know there are folks who swear by it, and I’m not attempting to dissuade them.  I’m all for people finding what works for them. But I […]

Maybe Self-Control Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Every week when we introduce the concept that overeating is part of ‘normal’ eating, and that occasional overeating can be healthy, we hear  sighs of relief from women who have been struggling for years to control that urge. Normal eating can be thought of as a style of eating that’s hardwired into most of us […]

The Key to Successful Intuitive Eating for a Healthy Vacation

Intuitive or Mindful Eating on Vacation I just returned from a week’s vacation that included plenty of meals out with all the trimmings. Perhaps it’s needless to say, but my pants are a tiny bit more snug than when I left.  So if I’m an accomplished intuitive eater, why did this happen? According to intuitive eating […]