‘intrinsic joy’

The Cat Nap: A Wake-Up Call For Busy Women

By Cindy Bishop

I often think we should look to nature and particularly the animal kingdom for clues to healthy living. Not in a lion-chasing-down-a-gazelle-Wild Kingdom sort of way, but in an eat-sleep-play-because-it-makes-you-feel-good sort of way. In the past we’ve talked about how even the wildest animals create opportunities to experience intrinsic joy through play.  We’ve also explored how in nature, animals will select the […] Read more »


Birds Do It, Bees Do It: Ode To Animal Joy!

By Cindy Bishop

Nothing can pull my attention away from what I’m supposed to be doing better than a cute animal video. You know the videos I’m talking about. Big scary bears with the itty bitty Chihuahuas. Housecats walking around with a parrot along for the ride. Monkeys and, well, just about anything (apparently not so discriminating). Unlikely pairings simply loving life, happy […] Read more »