The Cat Nap: A Wake-Up Call For Busy Women

I often think we should look to nature and particularly the animal kingdom for clues to healthy living. Not in a lion-chasing-down-a-gazelle-Wild Kingdom sort of way, but in an eat-sleep-play-because-it-makes-you-feel-good sort of way. In the past we’ve talked about how even the wildest animals create opportunities to experience intrinsic joy through play.  We’ve also explored how in […]

Birds Do It, Bees Do It: Ode To Animal Joy!

Nothing can pull my attention away from what I’m supposed to be doing better than a cute animal video. You know the videos I’m talking about. Big scary bears with the itty bitty Chihuahuas. Housecats walking around with a parrot along for the ride. Monkeys and, well, just about anything (apparently not so discriminating). Unlikely […]