Mix it Up – Variety with Exercise

This year has been a physically challenging one for me. I’ve suffered 2 broken bones and a knee injury, but something positive came out of the experience. I was forced to do things outside of my normal routine in order to work around the injury. Mainly the knee injury has been the most frustrating since […]

Dusting off the Exercise Equipment

This weekend called for some Spring cleaning at my house.  One room I tackled was our home exercise room.  I must admit it didn't get much use this Winter since once I started exercising outdoors last year, I can no longer bring myself to use my treadmill.  Previously I adored it, but once you get a […]

Thankful for Health

A very happy Thanksgiving to our virtual community!  We are very grateful for each one of you.  As my mom always says in greeting today, "Gobble Gobble Gobble!"  When we sit down to enjoy the feast this holiday, it is inevitable that minds and conversation will turn to what are we thankful for.  When I […]

Why We Do It

Today's post gives real-life-experience insight into the why of staying physically active.  Hint:  It's not about burning calories or the size of our thighs.  Think "fun" instead.   Thanks to Jennifer Joyce, staff participant at Green Mountain, for sharing her thoughts.   One of the things the staff here at Green Mountain consistently impress upon […]

How to Make Exercise a Habit

I've been a fan of Nordic walking for several years but have been stymied in my passion this summer because of worn-out rubber tips on the poles.  When the metal strikes the ground, or asphalt, it makes a hollow ringing noise that definitely casts a pall over a peaceful walk in my neighborhood.  Which is […]

Keep Exercise Going with a Little Help from Your Friends

We've all been there.  One day we're full of motivation to move our bodies so that we can be healthy.  The next day, well, life has derailed us.  How can we get back on track and stay there? A recent study conducted by Stanford University, and reported in the Wall Street Journal, found that minimal […]

Five Reasons Why I Love Biking

Emily quickly wrote this post, then headed off for a few days of play.  She likes to play.  I've posted for her, in the hopes of encouraging you to join her, in mind at least. Biking was something I rediscovered a few years back while staying at Green Mountain in the summer. One afternoon, I […]

Stand Up For Yourself And…Lose?

I sit on my butt more than I have at any other job or at any other time in my life. Ironic, since I’m a director for one of the premier healthy lifestyle and weight management programs in the country. Not so ironic, or even unusual, is that I’m menopausal and not nearly as active as I once was. […]

It Happened This Week: Fat Prejudice, Bathing Suit Season, Talking to Our Kids & Intrinsic Exercise

The internet is buzzing these days with talk of fat acceptance.  It’s not a well-understood concept from a lot of perspectives, and perhaps one of the least understood is the impact of fat prejudice on the lives of those who society views as less than acceptable.  Harriet Brown enlightened a lot of people this week […]

If The Tennis Shoe Fits…

  I went shopping this weekend for some new workout threads and was reminded how invigorating it can be tossing out the old and bringing in something brand spanky new.  Even exchanging my dingey socks with a fresh pair of crispy white ones can put a skip in my step and help me stay the path to a […]

When ‘Working Out’ Becomes Work

I wish that getting and staying fit was as simple as a walk in the park or as inspirational as frolicking through a field of wildflowers. The truth is, shouldn’t it be? I return to this topic time and again because months, even years go by, when I’m really feeling great about excercise.   Then, out of the blue  (*poof*)  the love is […]

Learning to Love Winter: Break Out the Snowshoes!

Winter.  It’s something that happens every year.  In some places, it’s quite a bit different than the rest of the year.  We can definitely say that in these parts.  Vermont winters are lovely just like the rest of the year.  But we tend to have a lot of that white stuff around.  And it lasts […]

The Sounds Of Silence and Music

I’ve said many times over the years (wow, we’ve been blogging for years!), that I’m a self-confessed music junkie. And although it’s good once and a while to walk mindfully and silently through a sunlit forest on a cool summer morning, most of the time I like tunes blasting in my ears.   Music really helps […]

Where’s The Boot Camp For Your Head?

I lived in California for 25 years. Most of it in the Bay area, but I did spend five years working in West Hollywood.  Lots of folks poo-poo Hollyweird, but I’m a little weird myself, so I actually enjoyed living there.  I know five years isn’t a lifetime, but I think it qualifies me to […]

Tennis Anyone?

I just read a blog post entitled, “Exercise Equipment You Don’t Need” by Kalvin Chinyere, M.D. , whose blog, ‘Dr. Kal’s Weight Loss Tips’ , includes some wise and down-to-earth advice, so you should check it out. Included was this little gem to a reader, “Always establish the habit for free if you can. Then […]

Dancing with the Stars

I enjoy watching Dancing With The Stars.  Corny? Ok, but even from the beginning — when it was really corny — I was hooked. Not because I’m a big ballroom fan, but because these D-list celebrities really seem to be authentic in their desire to do well and even to win. Most put their heart […]

Getting Fit: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Opinions — everybody has one, right? Among the opinionated, falls the reformed exerciser. You recognize them, the ones who enjoy sharing what exercise regime works best. And somewhere mixed in all that enthusiasm, can be a lot of unsolicited advice about what they think might work better —  for you.  Sometimes ‘the reformed’ can be a little too quick to forget […]

Birds Do It, Bees Do It: Ode To Animal Joy!

Nothing can pull my attention away from what I’m supposed to be doing better than a cute animal video. You know the videos I’m talking about. Big scary bears with the itty bitty Chihuahuas. Housecats walking around with a parrot along for the ride. Monkeys and, well, just about anything (apparently not so discriminating). Unlikely […]

Diet Talk: How Words Can Work Against Us

MSNBC ran an article last week titled “Blow your diet? Blame your brain.”  It raised my hackles for a number of reasons. If you aren’t on a diet, you can’t blow it. It once again blames the victim.  Or, in this case, her brain. The lead-up to the discussion of the studies it reviewed talked […]