Treating Insulin Resistance: Metformin vs. Movement

Insulin Resistance Is A Complex Problem When one thinks about insulin resistance, their thoughts probably drift to carbohydrates being a culprit in the complex problem that insulin resistance is.  However, body fat, particularly fat within the muscle, liver, and pancreas deserves some attention as well. A recently published study in Diabetes Care even found a […]

Diabetes and Dolphins

Reader Question: Can We Lose Weight Gained After Menopause?

Is it possible to lose weight and thickness gained after menopause?  Sharon sent us this question via our Ask Our Healthy Weight Loss Team a Question feature (look to your right).  It’s a question near and dear to my heart as I’ve personally dealt with this and work with many women as they are going […]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Seminar: Management through Lifestyle Change

A few years ago, we wrote a blog post about a book called Screaming to be Heard: Hormonal Connections Women Suspect, and Doctors Still Ignore by Elizabeth Vliet, MD. “It’s for those women that have repeatedly heard ‘it’s all in your head’ from their doctors,” wrote our blogger Gina, about her diagnosis with Polycystic Ovarian […]

Blood Pressure in People with Metabolic Syndrome More Sensitive to Salt Intake

Metabolic syndrome increases the risk of developing  type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  One is five people are affected, and that rate increases as people age. Salt reduction in people with metabolic syndrome may help play a role in early intervention, and more effective treatment. Now a study from China examines the connection between metabolic syndrome and blood pressure sensitivity.  Metabolic syndrome was […]

Weight Loss: Possible Explanation for Obesity-Related Insulin Resistance

Researchers are getting closer to understanding the association between obesity and insulin resistance, a condition in which normal amounts of insulin are inadequate to produce a normal insulin response from fat, muscle and liver cells.  Insulin resistance can precede the development of type 2 diabetes. "Obese adipose, or fat, tissue is characterized by the presence […]

Screaming (Louder) to be Heard

There is a book that we carry here at Green Mountain called “Screaming to be Heard: Hormonal Connections Women Suspect, and Doctors Still Ignore” by Elizabeth Vliet, MD.  The title pretty much says it all, and it’s for those women that have repeatedly heard “it’s all in your head” from their doctors. One of those […]