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When to Stop Eating

By Robyn Priebe

Our blog post yesterday was on the topic of determining when you’ve had enough, of anything.  One thing that can be challenging for those of us who’ve dieted in the past, is determining when we’ve had enough food. Overeating on low calorie foods until we are stuffed, starving ourselves until it triggers binge eating, previous bouts of depriving ourselves of […] Read more »

What’s Wrong with Stealing Cookies from the Cookie Jar

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Because my husband usually rises before me and switches on the tv in the other room, I often wake to the childhood jingle about stealing cookies from the cookie jar, repeated by a woman and a man touting their weight loss success on the Cookie Diet. It really bugs me, initially just because of the ad.  Then I start thinking […] Read more »

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