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It Happened This Week: The Holidays Are Here!

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

  Worried about eating well during the holidays?  Consider this review by Ellie Krieger, celebrity RD, of The Great Fat Debate  that occurred last month at The American Dietetic Association annual meeting:  Total fat doesn’t matter, refined carbs are worse for your heart than saturated fat, and we need to focus on quality and calorie balance. Here’s an idea a […] Read more »

Healthy Eating: Halloween Candy Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

By Laura Brooks

Be afraid…Be very afraid? Are you spooked by all the candy corn, marshmellow ghosts, licorice black cats and other Halloween treats that are everywhere you look this time of year?  Are you haunted at work by coworkers who bring in bags to share? Are you apprehensive in stores, banks and even doctor’s offices because you know you’ll see little bowls […] Read more »