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It Happened This Week: The Holidays Are Here!

By Marsha Hudnall on 12/03/2010

  Worried about eating well during the holidays?  Consider this review by Ellie Krieger, celebrity RD, of The Great Fat Debate  that occurred last month at The American Dietetic Association annual meeting:  Total fat doesn’t matter, refined carbs are worse for your heart than saturated fat, and we need to focus on quality and calorie balance. Here’s an idea a […] Read more »

Happy Labor Day!

By Marsha Hudnall on 09/03/2010

I'm practicing what I preach and taking a long weekend free of blogging, checking email and other such work-related things.  After all, Labor Day began as a tribute to working women and men, and what better way to honor that than to give ourselves some down time. Our hope for you this Labor Day weekend — even if you're not […] Read more »

Happy 4th, America!

By Marsha Hudnall on 07/02/2010

We're taking the day off today in honor of the Fourth of July.  Hope all our friends in the U.S. have a wonderful celebration.  Take a peek at one of our posts in honor of this day last year for some tips on enjoying the food fest of this day and feeling great while you do it:  Eat to Succeed […] Read more »

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Feeding Children

By Marsha Hudnall on 12/23/2009

And now for the third question posed to me last week at the Mompreneur Twitter party. Q3:  I’m concerned about my children stuffing themselves with so many holiday sweets, they won’t eat the healthy meals I prepare.  Any tips? Children are great regulators of their eating if we set up their environment to support them.  I’ll tweet a few important […] Read more »

Santa takes the bait

How to Avoid Weight Gain during the Holidays, Q2

By Marsha Hudnall on 12/22/2009

Continuing on yesterday’s theme, here’s the second question that was posed to me during the Mompreneurs Twitter party last week. Q2:  I can’t resist Christmas cookies and eggnog.  If I indulge, how can I make up for it? First, stop thinking u have to make up for it. Our bodies are resilient. They adjust naturally to over- or undereating if […] Read more »

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