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Healthy Cooking Thursday – Healthy Holiday Snacking Ideas

By Chef Lisa

Oh the temptations of the holidays…  Whether your weaknesses lie in the platefuls of Christmas cookies or in the salty goodness of a party mix, there are plenty of minefields to navigate around at this time of year.  It can be difficult to be mindful about making smart choices when there's easy accessibility to so many delicious and decadent foods and life is so chaotic.  […] Read more »

It Happened This Week: The Holidays Are Here!

By Marsha Hudnall

  Worried about eating well during the holidays?  Consider this review by Ellie Krieger, celebrity RD, of The Great Fat Debate  that occurred last month at The American Dietetic Association annual meeting:  Total fat doesn’t matter, refined carbs are worse for your heart than saturated fat, and we need to focus on quality and calorie balance. Here’s an idea a […] Read more »

Happy Labor Day!

By Marsha Hudnall

I'm practicing what I preach and taking a long weekend free of blogging, checking email and other such work-related things.  After all, Labor Day began as a tribute to working women and men, and what better way to honor that than to give ourselves some down time. Our hope for you this Labor Day weekend — even if you're not […] Read more »

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