Heavy Waiter Study Reveals Missing Piece in Mindless Eating Research

A recent study from the renowned Cornell mindless eating research lab suggests people of all sizes order more food when they’re served by larger-bodied waiters.

How True Self-Care Supports Your Healthy Weight

This week at Green Mountain we have shared with you our thoughts about healthy eating, exercise, and stress management – all of which defines how we approach self-care.

Defining Healthy Weight: What It Isn’t and What It Is

This week is meant to help change the conversation around weight during the third week in January.

Healthy Weight Week 2016 Starts Monday – Get Involved!

There’s something magical about the third week in January and – if you’ve been following us, you guessed it – it’s Healthy Weight Week!

5 Ways To Achieve Your Healthy Weight & Still Eat What You Want

Looking for some fresh ideas on how to ‘lose weight’ but still eat whatever you want?! Look no further than a mindful eating approach. Here are a few ideas on how to get you headed in the right direction when it comes to making the call on what to eat and how eating what you […]

Webinar – Eating, Emotions & Exercise: The New Science of Healthy Weights

Here at Green Mountain we understand that our approach to healthy weights and well-being is radically different than most others out there. Our difference lies in our process Unlike other approaches, we don’t invest solely in the endpoint. We begin with the present moment and all that it has to offer, because that’s the place from […]

Using Science as a Springboard for Diving into the Unknown

Let’s face it – when it comes to creating change, having ‘proof’ that an approach works helps entering the unknown a little less daunting. Who doesn’t want assurances that our hard work will be rewarded? Making that Leap of Faith Less Scary At Green Mountain we understand that taking a leap of faith into the […]

6 Ways Yoga Can Help You Achieve a Healthy Weight

When I began my yoga journey seven years ago, I must admit that I had these fantasies of looking “like a yoga instructor.”  You know – the ones with the slim bodies and long arms and legs that seem to stretch on for miles? Well, it didn’t take long for reality to set in for […]

Before You Start That Weight Loss Diet: The Slim Chance Awards 2014

Feeling a little, shall we say, over-sated after the holidays? Or are you just tired of struggling with what you believe is excess weight, and look at the new year as a time to begin again? If so, resist the temptation to start another diet. The temptation is real and understandable. Everywhere we turn, we’re […]

The Mental Journey Behind Jen Corn’s Successful Healthy Weight “Road Trip”

Featured on CNN’s Weekly column about weight loss success stories, Jen Corn talks to us about how changing her lifestyle started with a new mindset. Jen’s struggle with her weight began early in childhood. Eventually her life became more and more limited, even finding herself struggling to walk. Family members had offered to pay for […]

Before and After: Finding peace when you’re somewhere in between

Weight Loss Before-and-After Photos We’ve all seen them. They pop up everywhere and they all show some kind of weight-loss “transformation” that seems nothing short of miraculous. The “after” photos show a seemingly happy, healthy person. Put side by side with a “before” photo, it implies that the subject had been neither of those things […]

I Know I’m Taking Care of Myself When…

Six small letters, one simple word Weight. For most of my life, this “simple” word has had an extraordinarily heavy meaning for me. No matter my size, the numbers on the scale, the numbers on my jeans, and the numbers in my head, they never added up to a healthy equation. What do these numbers […]

Find Your Healthy Weight Day

Change your thoughts, change your life We’ve all heard that. Finding your healthy weight depends on knowing all sorts of ways to stay balanced and nourished, even beyond what you eat or how you choose to move your body. But what we think and what we tell ourselves also impacts our emotions. I heard Dr. […]

Do Away with the Weigh Day

Time to Ditch the Scale Have you even had a stretch of time when you felt like you were “on track,” as in eating well, exercising often, well rested, clothing fitting well, only to step on the scale and find that you weigh more than you think? Or perhaps the opposite has occurred when you […]

The Top 35 Healthy Weight Blogs

Changing the Conversation To celebrate Healthy Weight Week, we have searched the Internet high and low for the best of the best “healthy weight” blogs that are changing the conversation from weight to health and we’re proud to present the top 35. From registered dietitians to former dieters to those who are still finding their […]

Healthy Weight Pioneers: The 2014 Healthy Body Image Award

It was the 80s and weight loss diet mania was in full swing. Low-carbohydrate diets, spearheaded by the book Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution, were the rage. At the end of the decade, L.A. Weight Loss Centers opened in 49 states, Canada and Europe to spread the word of low-carb weight loss, and also sell diet […]

Why is it so HARD to Lose Weight? Here’s Why…

Maybe You Don’t Need To Lose Weight Before you say, “What??  This girl’s nuts!” just hear me out.  First of all, how do you know what is a healthy weight for you?  Do you base it on a BMI chart, recommendations from your doctor, your weight in college, what your best friend weighs???  The way I […]

Announcing the Worst Weight Loss Schemes of 2013

Before You Start Another Diet… It’s the beginning of a new year and you know what that means to the chronic dieter. Time to start a new diet! If you’re contemplating one, put away your scale and take note. An independent panel of expert judges, selected by Green Mountain, has selected the worst weight loss […]

Nominate The Worst Weight Loss Schemes of 2013

Another Day, Another Diet Do you just shake your head when you see an insane infomercial for yet another weight loss product? Or do you get frustrated when you hear a friend tell you she is starting a ridiculous diet that you know will make her struggles worse? Now is the time to help Green […]

The Worst Diets of 2011

It’s time to announce the 23rd annual Slim Chance Awards, courtesy of the Healthy Weight Network. The Slim Chance Awards are sponsored by Healthy Weight Network and the National Council against Health Fraud. They are a lead-up to “Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day” during Healthy Weight Week, the third week in […]