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Overeaters, There Is Hope

By Darla Breckenridge

Overeaters, there is hope. There is hope to change your out of control feelings around food. There is hope to move again. There is hope to stop hating your body. There is some hopeful new research by Boehm JK, Kubzansy LD at Harvard School of Public Health that links positive psychological well-being with a decrease in cardiovascular disease. He reports, […] Read more »


Resistant to Exercise? It May Be How You Think About It

By Darla Breckenridge

“I don’t want to go to my appointment with my trainer.” “I hate walking.” “I should go swimming, but I’d rather not.” It is statements like these that take us down the slippery slope into inertia, funky feelings, “the pits”.  We can feel pressured, required, and “shoulded” to do what is good for us. So how do we get through […] Read more »


Fitness Friday Book Review: The Fat Chick Works Out!

By Lisa Christie

A book review by Green Mountain alum, Jill C. “The Fat Chick Works Out” Author Jeanette DePatie is a Health at Every Size (HAES) advocate and exercise instructor who wants you to rediscover movement and the powerful benefits it can bring to you at your current size. Those immediate benefits can include a lower risk of cancer, improved mood, better […] Read more »


Fitness Friday: My Fitness Inspiration

By Lisa Christie

Following the Olympics, I saw dozens of athletes who inspire me. Missy Franklin – what a phenom! Gabby Douglas – did you see her on the balance beam? Usain Bolt – do I even need to say anything? But my real fitness inspiration, or fit-spiration, is someone just like you and me. In fact, you might know her. She’s part […] Read more »